Learn How To Develop Your Own Multi Media Content!

What's Your Objective?

You can't reach the world if no one sees or hears what you have to say. With iPods, Laptops and the new emerging media, it's simply not enough to just be making noise. If you want to be heard, you have to reach out to those you want to hear you. How do you do that? With the development of Digital technologies it's rapidly becoming much easier & more affordable!

If you, your company, organization, school or group are motivated, adventurous, and techno savvy, it's more cost effective to learn how to do it for yourself. We can teach you how.

We'll help you define and develop your unique message in audio & video digital mediums. we can then train you on the technologies of getting that Media Online or On Disc. Your Informative and Interactive media, whether online or on CDs, DVDs or CD-ROMs, can then get out to advance your product(s), service(s), organization or interests.

We can show you how, with minimal investements in equipment, hardware, software and media, you can develop a cost effective approach to creating your own digital media.

So, if you've got the people and the budget, Development & Training is a cost effective means of boosting your Digital Media potential! Then, rather then paying outsource rates everytime you want new media, you can produce it In-House at significantly reduced costs!

Workshops available as One on One, Train the Trainer or Small Group presentations. Participants must have their own microphones, digital cameras, state of the art computers (w/ adequate memory for software, processing and media file storage) and discs. Participants, and/or the sponsoring entities, are also responsible for acquiring and installing the necessary software. (Note* many of the software programs applicable are available for FREE)


Would you like to develop the capability to create and produce audio or video digital media? We can teach you how. You will learn the Basic equipment, software and process for recording and producing your own Audio or Video digital media. In our Basic Workshops you will learn how easy it is to Record, Edit and Save your audio/video in the appropriate file formats.

Basic Audio Recording/Production Workshop: Three (3) Hrs., $150.00 (per person)
Basic Video Recording/Production Workshop: Four (4) Hrs., $300.00 (per person)

Digital Media

Do you want to know how to create your own Audio CD, Authored DVD or CD-ROM? We will show you, it's as easy as 1,2,3. You will learn the media formats and process for developing your own Audio CD, Video DVD or CD-ROM Portable Digital Media. In our Design and Author Workshops you will learn how quick and easy it is to Design, Master and Package your own customized discs.

Audio CD Design Workshop (Design, Label, Cover): Two (2) Hrs. $100.00 (per person)
Authored DVD Workshop (Styles, Chapters, Menus): Four (4) Hrs. $300.00 (per person)
CD-ROM Design Workshop (Content, Design, Interactivity): Six (6) Hrs. $450.00 (per person)

Podcast Instruction

Have you been wanting to produce your own audio or video Podcast? We can help. From Design to recording, posting online and getting listed in Podcast directories, we can train you in the total process of Podcast development, production, packaging and distribution.

Audio Podcast Workshop: Eight (8) Hrs. $400.00 (per person)
Video Podcast (or VLOG) Workshop: Eight (8) Hrs. $600.00 (per person)

Let OG Productions give You a helping hand

We'll help you develop your Digital Media capabilities, and potential, to produce your Media Message into Digital and Portable Media You can reach out with. So, let's talk Today! Simply Click the eMail link below and send your ideas on what you'd like to do and we'll get back to you to open discussion on the possibilities.

Send your eMail Inquiry with type of Service (Audio/Video, Digital Media, or Podcast) in the Subject Field. For all Training services, identify the specific Workshop you are interested in. Discounts for combined, or mutliple, workshop orders, for Non-Profit and Small Groups. Specify also, your estimated timeframe, budget and deadlines.
CONTACT: Send your eMail Inquiry to: OG PRO