Your MultiMedia content on CD, DVD or Multi Media CD-ROM

What's Your MEDIA?

The banner Ad, "Get Your FREE CD, DVD or CD-ROM!" is everywhere these days. On TV, the radio, the Internet. since the banner reflects State of the Art Media, you've got to works! Why?, because it's Cost Effective!

Now You Can Afford to develop your own Audio CD, DVD Video or CD-ROM!

We can record, design, produce & master your Digital Media as Audio CD, Video DVD or Informational/Interactive CD-ROM with audio, video, document and web link content. You can distribute this as product, service or marketing media, and give to your potential Employer, Clients or Soulmate, or existing customers, students or group members.

So, Don't let the Digital Media Wave pass you by! Get onboard and ride the wave by deciding which one will Work For You, Audio CD, DVD Video or CD-ROM. Review the possibilities below and drop us a line. Let's open discussion on Your project Today!


Your music, poetry, interviews, speeches, lectures on Industry Standard Audio CD, playable on any Audio CD player. Use your prerecorded material or we can record & produce your content into Digital Audio Media.

CD Design and Master copy $25.00 Per Hr (2 hr minimum)


Your meetings, seminars or conferences or other pre-recorded video on Industry Standerd Authored DVD, playable on any DVD player, with a variety of MENU options available. Use your prerecorded material or we can record & produce your content into Digital Video Media.

DVD Authoring and Master copy $50.00 Per. Hr. (4 hr minimum)


Your audio, video, documents, pictures, images/artwork or Internet links on informational and interactive Rich Media CD-ROM, with a graphic interface built on your needs. Use your existing materials, or we can help develop, record & produce your content into Digital Rich Media.

CD-ROM Design and Master copy $50.00 Per. Hr. (6 hr minimum)


Labeling options for your Digital media range from simple label stickers to adhesive printable labels, or our specialized On Disc labeling, or other high end labeling for large volume orders.

Short Run CD/DVD Duplication

Your Mastered CD or DVD, with Label and/or Cover Designs (as needed) duplicated for Short Runs (100 or less). Price per unit based on type of CD, type of label/cover design and number of copies.

Get your message out TODAY!

Let the world know about your Product, Service or Organization. Let your message float around the Internet and among people to pass it on. Most of all, let it bring them home to you for more.

Let OG Productions give You a helping hand

We'll help you define & develop your Media Message and produce your Media Message into Portable Media You can reach out with. So, let's talk Today! Simply Click the eMail link below and send your ideas on what you'd like to do and we'll get back to you to open discussion on the possibilities.

Send your eMail Inquiry with type of Service (Audio CD, Video DVD or CD-ROM) in the Subject Field. For Audio CD and Video DVD services, identify whether you will provide Pre-Recorded material or if we will need to Record for you. For CD-ROM, Specify whether you will provide content docs & media or if we will need to help you develop them. Specify also, your estimated timeframe, budget and deadlines.
CONTACT: Send your eMail Inquiry to: OG PRO