Experienced Sound man, 30 yrs. Radio
(field/studio) recording, production and broadcast,
currently developing OG Productions
as a Multi Media Services Start-Up.


"Oh Gee,...I didn't Know That"...or, "Oh Gee, I didn't know it was That Easy!" States the essence of OG PRODUCTIONS as a Multi Media Services Start-Up. We offer the knowledge, skill and experience of an Independent Producer to facilitate ACCESS to Digital Media and Technologies for those who might not know how to use, or be able to meet the High End costs of Digital Media Productions. Yet, would like to have ACCESS to them. As demonstrated through the MENU on the left, we support and advocate Open Source Programming, as well as Open Media. What we've found is, you "Don't Need To Be A Rocket Scientist" to be able to take advantage of the potential of emerging technologies. With this in mind, we've launched OG Productions.

OG PRODUCTIONS streamlines and simplifies the process of Digital Media Production, as well as offers Affodable Start-Up Rates! We've also identified FREE and affordable software for Digital Media Production, bringing the Digital Media Technologies within Your reach.

With over 30 years experience with Instructional Design and Implementation in the Classroom, Studio and Field with students of all ages, OG PRODUCTIONS inetgrates standardized methodologies, Instructional Materials and a Focus on Results to all of our Professional Development and Training Services.

TWO-ELK, Independent Producer

Conducted Studio and Field recording and production for Radio broadcast since 1977. Produced and broadcast, GENERATIONS, weekly radio programming at KGNU-FM, Boulder, CO from Nov. 1978 to May 1983. Since 1989, operated as an Independent Radio Producer. Produced two (2) Nationally broadcast programs, (Linked in Audio Portfolio) for National Public Radio (1981) and Radio Smithsonian /NAPBC (1991).

Have provided One on One and Small Group Training in Radio/Audio Production for Youth and Adult trainees. In 1990-91, in conjunction with Indian Voices Radio program, established Goin' On: Young Indian Producers, a one year hands on training program for At Risk Youth in Boulder Co. Public Schools, at KGNU-FM, Boulder Community Radio. (Please view video linked at left)

Since Spring 2000, focused on integrating digital and online technologies and their applications for Informational media architecture and communications. A significant outcome of this initiative are the WinterCamp Chronicles: Audio Podcast. (Linked in Audio Portfolio).

My training & experience in Audio recording, production, design and broadcast has readily transferred to Videography, as has my experience in producing a finalized product tailored to your needs. (Please view Videos linked at left).

I have Field Audio Equipment and a 3CCD MiniDV cam with a Basic setup and can be your Soundman, 1st, 2nd or 3rd camera for your shoots. Your original recording, or footage can be readily transferred to Data CD or DVD and both given to you. I can also, assist with Editing your footage and/or produce your footage into a finished piece on Authored DVD, if you need.

Experienced with Basic video shooting, editing, production and End User Digital Design in various formats for computer, iPod, Online or on Authored DVD. We can use my equipment, Your equipment or acquire equipment through rental, for your project. Whatever Your Budget allows, or what works for you.

Thank You for visiting OG PRODUCTIONS and exploring the Possibilities of Degital Media! Hope to hear from You Soon!

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