The Process
Many of us are working on this together, but mainly it's four of us friends and family.

My big sister Vernona is an artist, she's always drawing everything. When we told her about the symbol she wanted to help, so she makes drawings of the symbols we find.

Then my cousin Jimmy, he's always writing all kinds of things down. Sometimes he shows us what he wrote. So he writes down ideas we have and names or addresses of people we talked to.

Mary is a close friend who's always telling stories about everything that happens or happened. if you ever did anything goofy, she won't let you forget it for a long time. So she helps by remembering what people tell us when we go to visit, as we're "asking around."

Then there's me, I'm a hunter. Ever since I was young my uncles took me with them to get Deer or Elk, and I learned a lot about finding things. Maybe that's why my aunt gave that pouch to me. Maybe she knew I would have to find the answer.

So, are you ready to give us a hand?

If you are, then first you have to make a team. You could make a team like ours, with an artist, a writer, a speaker and a hunter and work like we do.


However, you might want to make your team member roles a little different than ours.

Whatever you decide, it works best if you have four people and each one is assigned a part of the project. For example, the following lists might help:

After you've organized into a team, you are ready to start your Teamwork!

You and your friends must use a "Many Hands" concept of Native American Team Work, where:

So then, "leadership" responsibilities rotate among all members, depending on who's most qualified or experienced for each given task.

This of course, is determined by agreement of all team members.

After you've chosen, or selected your team members, you'll have to identify:

which type of team you are.

Choose from the following types.

This is important because each type of team can help us in different ways.

Once you've formed your team and decided which type it is, you are ready to give us a hand.


This is how you can help us out.

All of the information we've found about the symbol so far, is in the Web Quest Resources listed below. We would like for you and your team to explore the resources according to what type of team you identified as.

Overall, you and your team will use the Local and External resources to learn and teach how the Tipila represents a way of life and our relationship to our world.

Web Quest Resources:


ALL TEAMS!: Scroll through and read the instructions before you "Click"!


The FIRST thing all teams need to do is review these Do's and Don'ts on Native Americans at the Ableza organization web site.








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