What is that Symbol?

Hi!, I'm Buddy, your guide on this Web Quest. Glad to see you made it. I hope you can give us a hand. Here's the deal...

One day me and my friends were sitting over at my cousins' house playing video games and killing time, when some relatives came to visit.

They all went in the kitchen, drank coffee and visited while we continued to play. Pretty soon it was time for them to leave and everyone was saying "goodbye." One of my Aunts handed me a pouch as she was going out.

"I want you to have that, it came from my Grandmother...and I carried it a long you should have it", she said.

It was a beautiful beaded pouch made with tanned deer hide. "Thank you Auntie!" I said as I hugged her, then they were gone.

My cousins and friends crowded around to see.
"Wow!", "It's beautiful!", and "So soft!", then "What is that symbol?", Someone asked. "I don't know, I didn't ask...", I said.

"Ask tomorrow" someone said.

"No, she left tonight...they came to say goodbye before their trip" someone else answered.

"When is she coming back?" I asked.

"Don't know, maybe next year", was the answer.

"Hey, I've seen that before!" another added, "My Grandpa had that symbol on a painting of his."

"Ask him!" added another.

"He's gone..." was the answer to that idea.

"Well it's beautiful, wish we knew what that symbol meant" someone wondered aloud.

"I'll ask around," I answered.

"Me too..." they all agreed.

So, that's what we did, and we're still working on the question which set us on this quest. That's how we can use your help. Will you give us a hand?

You don't have to be Native to help us out, but if you are that's good.

In fact if you aren't and you still join our quest, you may find that our quest is like yours and yours is like ours. That's what this lesson is about.

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