Hey, do you remember what that family told us? When they pointed out the need for this knowledge to grow, and asked if we knew about computers?

They had told us how they knew about the "Spider Web" in the sky and how people talk about us Natives there. About how it is still happening without us. Then they suggested we could do something about that.

They also reminded us that we must use this technology to reinforce our traditions, not take away from them.

So, our way of evaluating keeps all of this in mind.

The RUBRIC table below starts with the easiest activities and progresses to the most complex. Which type of team you are working with determines the levels you should accomplish.

See also, the CHALLENGE CRITIQUE below.












Stated Objective or Performance on Accuracy and Authenticity


Basic presentation or report doesn't violate do's & don'ts and applies accuracy & authenticity.
Intermediate report includes contrasts between new A & A/ D & D info to previous knowledge on topic.
Advanced report demonstrates and applies grasp of A & A/ D & D points .
Advanced report integrates A & A/ D & D info in tech and non-tech formats.


Stated Objective or Performance on Reinforcing Traditional Knowledge


Basic report adapts Web Quest information into a non-tech format.
Intermediate report includes effective use of Natural resources in the presentation.
Advanced report packages information into simple form, using icon/symbols and natural resources.
Advanced report integrates element of oral tradition, using icon/symbols and natural resources.


Stated Objective or Performance using CGWP report


Create a Basic written report in Standard form.
Create an Intermediate report formatted with Hypertext links.
Create an Advanced report, formatted with links and visuals.
Create an Advanced report, formatted with Links, visuals and integration of other programs or applications.


Stated Objective or Performance developing Power Point Presentation


Basic presentation in standard form includes slides with text and visuals.
Inermediate presentation in standard form with slide transitions and effects.
Advanced presentation in std. form, T & E, integrates other programs or applications.
Advanced report in std. form, T & E, other prog.s/app.s, with handouts and notes.


Stated Objective or Performance Using Internet Resources


Basic report with references to Web resources and URLs.
Intermediate report incorporates "active" links in references to Web resources and URLs.
Advanced report is interactive with the internet within the GUI (graphic User Interface).
Advanced report integrates other prog.s & app.s and internet web page elements.


Challenge Critique -

Submit your finished product for evaluation to Native American
tribal teachers, students and professionals.

Please see your teacher about this.

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