Credits and References

A Special Thanks to:

My brother Elmer Bear Eagle for first bringing me a rough draft copy of the book and for all his work in preserving Lakota knowledge.

The Oyate Waste (Good People) at the Sinte Gleska University on the Rosebud Reservation in So. Dak., who first conceived the book, uncovered the knowledge and brought it out for the people.

Paula Giese and Arvol Looking Horse for carrying the knowledge forth and presenting it to the world.


Dr. Debra Dirksen, my Educational Technology Professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver, for demonstrating Web Quest "State of the Art" methods and Technique.

Dr. Bernie Dodge, for work in the development of the Web Quest concept, strategies and materials.

Special thanks goes to the "Good People" at the WebQuest web site for providing the free downloadable template which served as a beginning for this Tipila Web Quest.

If you are interested in building Web Quests, check out The WebQuest Page to acquire the latest version of Web Quest templates and training materials.



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Lakota Star Knowledge,
Sinte Gleska University,
E Hwy. 18,
Rosebud Indian Reservation,
Mission So. Dak. 57555


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