Well, I'd like to thank you for your help, especially if you did the Challenge Critique! Those that are sent to me will get careful and immediate attention.

Having completed this Web Quest, you've discovered some complex knowledge about the Tipila. The homes and symbols of other Native American tribes have similar significance, beyond the common knowledge. Now that you've learned about one, use the internet to explore the many other types of "Lodges", or homes, of Native American tribes.

Furthermore, not only can you use the knowledge and skills you gained in this Web Quest to learn about other Native Americans, but you can also use the experience to re-examine your place with the traditions of your own ancestors.

Where were they from? What knowledge did they gain from living there? What part of that knowledge is valuable to preserve as traditional knowledge? What symbols do they have that hold knowledge of it's own?

These are all questions that can each lead to a quest for knowledge itself. I hope that you, like me find this as another step along the way of our eternal quest for knowledge and understanding.

Thanks once again for your visit!



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