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The WinterCamp Chronicles Radio Page is for Independent, Public and Community Producers, Program Directors and Stations who can use Sound Bytes of Native American Voices throughout their program schedule. There is also a link to the WinterCamp Chronicles: NDN Voices of Our Times (Radio Program) in MP3, which is a sample mix of sound bytes. Provided directly below are program promos for that program, which all you need to do is add the times of broadcast.

Below each speakers section there are Links to Podcast promos in 90, 60 & 30 second versions. Please feel free to download these and follow the WinterCamp Chronicles "Quotes" airplay with a podcast promo for convenient identification of the sound byte.

The WinterCamp Chronicles is a demonstration initiative for evolving Native American Oral Traditions in modern times into state of the Art, Cutting Edge Technologies from the foundation of Spoken Word and through Independent Native Radio. These voices return from those days they were spoken to the Digital Age of the new millineum via online, broadcast and portable media channels. As the late Phillip Deere said, "They World Now Knows!"

Thank you for your interest in the WinterCamp Chronicles. Please help these voices carry forth their vital messages for everyone in these times. Run these sound bytes as Standalone "Quotes", create your own mix version and run that or, mix them into other programs where they fit. We also encourage everyone to also transfer these voices to portable media (CDs & MP3 players) to further their reach. In closing, we Thank You again for your support of the WinterCamp Chronicles and we hope only that everyone gain as much from these voices as we have since we recorded them so many years ago.


FAIR USE Doctrine



CLICK to Phillip Deere Speakers Page

featuring Sound Bytes of THE LONGEST WALK speech
by the late Phillip Deere (1929-1985)
March 20, 1981 Boulder, CO

I made a commitment

listen to or DOWNLOAD "I made a commitment"
(10:29)   (9.61MB)

The Cry of the
Red Man

listen to or DOWNLOAD "The Cry of the Red Man"
(3:46)   (3.45MB)

The World
Now Knows

listen to or DOWNLOAD "The World Now Knows"
(1:17)   (1.18MB)

Where Mr. Indian Stands

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Where Mr. Indian Stands"
(1:24)   (1.29MB)

Know Both Ways
of Life

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Know Both Ways of Life"
(1:01)   (970KB)

Is Still Out There

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Grandma Is Still Out There"
(2:49)   (2.58MB)

We Are Who We Are

listen to or DOWNLOAD "We Are Who We Are"
(0:45)   (730KB)

A Human Being
Way of Life

listen to or DOWNLOAD "A Human Being Way of Life"
(2:35)   (2.40MB)


CLICK to Chief Oren Lyons Speaker Page

featuring Sound Bytes from "THE FUTURE OF INDIAN NATIONS" speech
by Chief Oren Lyons,
Feb. 3, 1989, Boulder, CO

Go Down Stream

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Go Down Stream"
(3:18)   (3.02MB)

How Much
We've Lost

listen to or DOWNLOAD "How Much We've Lost"
(3:04)   (2.80MB)

Be Thankful

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Be Thankful"
(6:43)   (6.15MB)

First Law, Water

listen to or DOWNLOAD "First Law, Water"
(4:30)   (4.12MB)

Not Long Ago

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Not Long Ago"
(6:19)   (5.78MB)


listen to or DOWNLOAD "Peace"
(3:48)   (3.49MB)

We're The Ones

listen to or DOWNLOAD "We're The Ones"
(1:19)   (1.21MB)

Seventh Generation

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Seventh Generation"
(2:33)   (2.34MB)

Common Cause

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Common Cause"
(3:03)   (2.79MB)


CLICK to Chief Wilma Mankillers Speaker Page

featuring Sound Bytes of "TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY" speech
by Chief Wilma Mankiller
March 21, 1989 Boulder, CO

Tribal Self Government

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Tribal Self Government"
(3:04)   (2.81MB)

Cherokee Nation / Cherokee people

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Cherokee Nation / Cherokee people"
(13:00)   (11.9MB)

How I Got Involved

listen to or DOWNLOAD "How I Got Involved"
(5:25)nbsp;  (4.96MB)

We Survive

listen to or DOWNLOAD "We Survive"
(3:50)   (3.51MB)

Revitalize The Cherokee Nation

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Revitalize The Cherokee Nation"
(12:21)   (11.3MB)


CLICK to Prof. John Mohawks Speaker Page

featuring Sound Bytes of "PERSPECTIVE OF MOTHER EARTH" Speech
by the late Prof. John Mohawk (1945-2006)
Apr. 18, 1990, Boulder, CO

Forty (40) Years

listen to or DOWNLOAD Forty (40) Years
(3:15)   (2.97MB)

State of the World

listen to or DOWNLOAD "State of the World"
(3:23)   (3.09MB)


listen to or DOWNLOAD "Transformation"
(7:56)   (7.26MB)

Power Over Nature

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Power Over Nature"
(4:15)   (3.90MB)


listen to or DOWNLOAD "Re-Transformation"
(5:18)   (4.86MB)

Re-Think Anthropocentrism

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Re-Think Anthropocentrism"
(3:54)   (3.58MB)

Story Of The Twins

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Story Of The Twins"
(7:59)   (7.31MB)

Who Are We?

listen to or DOWNLOAD "Who Are We?"
(3:23)   (3.11MB)

Listen to Online or DOWNLOAD the
WinterCamp Chronicles: NDN Voices of Our Times (Radio Program) in MP3 Now!
TIME: 57:00 (1 hr.)

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Our WinterCamp Chronicles Podcast features music from songwriter/musician/poet David Campbell

David Campbell: From his Pretty Brown album (MP3) - "Grandfathers"

Music Videos on YouTube from David Campbell -

Pretty Brown    Buck Man Knows    The Time Will Go

Instrumental music featured is from Hip Hop artists INDIENS)






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