Resources Needed

Below are listed some of the minimum resources required at the various phases of this web quest.

These include a list of required equipment, links to sources used for this web quest and requirements for Human Resources.

I've tried to create a flexible Lesson plan to allow for all variety of interests and needs at various levels. Review the information and adapt according to your needs.



Human Resources needed

This Web Quest is designed to be easily implemented by one teacher with proficiency in Computer and Internet technologies. However, it can also be done with more than one teacher, aides and/or parents. Coordination of roles should model the Many Hands Team work approach.

Coordination with Native Ameican teachers, students or professionals is highly recommended in the evaluation phase, with the Challenge Critique activity. This works best if coordination is initiated at the outset of your study and an appointment is set for the evaluation of student products.

Send only two or three of "the best of the class" representative samples of project outcomes for the Challenge Critique. Rather than multiple copies of all students works.

A list of confirmed contacts, who've been contacted, reviewed the Web Quest and agree to take part will be provided in the Teachers Evaluation section as they are available. Please refer there for a current listing of potential contacts.


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