This Web Quest starts with beginning and experienced level phases, then progresses into advanced level studies. For information on the overall Process , please review that section of the students pages of this Web Quest.

BEGINNING LEVEL information is on the Tipila, the Lakota people and the Tipi on the northern plains.

EXPERIENCED LEVEL information builds on the Tipila concept by expanding on the info on the Lakota within their native environment, the plains.

ADVANCED LEVEL studes of the Tipila concept adds info on Lakota Star/Earth Maps. Information found at the Star/Earth map site is complex, so remind your students to approach it carefully and slowly.

The final section of the advanced level studies relates everything to the current times. It presents information about one of our current and most important Lakota Leaders, Arvol Looking Horse.

Many Hands Teams


Org. Schedule

This Interdisciplinary Web Quest should be approached in a series of sessions over several periods. How many days and weeks it can take depends on your students' team level, your schedule and your specific focus.

With this in mind I've organized sessions in BLOCKS of instruction, and GROUP activity processes. Each session is arranged around a standard 45 minute time frame.

This should make it easier for you to adjust the length, number of and scheduling of sessions according to your needs.

Please review the material, engage the process and consider my organizational recommendations below according to your student teams' level.


GROUP - Organize information, prepare report/ presentation

GROUP - Present study findings for group



GROUP - Organize information, prepare report/presentation

GROUP - Present study findings for group



GROUP - Organize information, prepare report/presentation

GROUP - Present study findings for group


Stereotypes and Misconceptions about Native Americans.

Appropriate Methods
When Teaching About Native American Peoples:

Ableza Institutes' Do's & Don'ts

Authenticity & Sensitivity: Goals for writing and reviewing
books with Native American themes

By Debbie Reese

Teaching Young Children about Native Americans
Debbie Reese,May 1996

Instructors Computer skills

Successful implementation of this web quest requires the instructor to have proficiency in Computer skills, to include:


As per study and grade levels!

At the basic Elementary and Middle Level studies Students

Phase One, focusing on the first two elements of the RUBRIC, reinforcing traditional knowledge, Accuracy & Authenticity in a basic report/presentation format. Emphasis could be on natural resources and environment.

At the Intermediate High School and College level studies students

Phase Two, emphasis on "Earth Maps" component in Astronomy section.

At the Advanced College and staff development level studies students

Phase Three: Teaching component on Accuracy, Authenticity, Do's and Don'ts in the development of similar Native American Web Quests or studies.


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