Native American music today is diverse and original. Traditional songs including flute and drum are the most popular. They are an important part of native american culture. Groups and artists originate from all 50 states representing many different tribes. Click the following links to visit the site.


As the reality around us itself has changed, new styles of music have developed that blend a variety of instruments and sounds. Flute and drum still play a vital role along with digital sound technology. Choose from these links for websites with contemporary Native American Music.


Rap and hip hop have also become popular music forms among Native American youth. Hip hop is a way of expressing the emotion and mentality that develops from the hard urban and reservation life of today's indians. The most popular sites are based out of Canada, but we do have many home-grown artists who are accessible on the web. Native style.

Rap/Hip Hop

Click here for information on Haitian music and Livewire productions

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